Japan Health Insurance
Practical, low-cost accidental and medical insurance while in Japan. Solid Japanese insurance for foreign students, teachers, executives, tourists and temporary residents. Medical, life, accidental and rescue insurance all in one policy for non-Japanese citizens. Fully licensed and rated — expatriate company — 60 years in Japan.

Japanese Medical Insurance for the Foreign Community of Japan

Low Rates AND Excellent Coverage
MedOne: Japan Medical Insurance


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Expat in Tokyo.

Insurance you can count on!

What does MedOne cost? Much less than you would think.

The cost of MedOne/Japan and its peace of mind is remarkably reasonable. All our years of experience with the Japanese system and our analysis of the needs of fellow expatriates make possible an insurance package that is as economical as it is broad and strong.

With MedOne, you enjoy a high degree of security for a low price.

Payment accepted at any Convenience Store or Bank throughout Japan. You may also pay by VISA, Mastercard or PayPal.
Table of Benefits and Premiums
Choose from three Plans. The coverage is the same for all three Plans. The difference is only in the upper limits. For example, Sickness Medical for the Bronze Plan will cover the same expenses as the Silver Plan; but the Bronze Plan covers up to ¥2,000,000 in medical care and the Silver Plan covers up to ¥3,000,000.
BenefitsBronze PlanSilver PlanGold Plan
Accidental Death ¥5,000,000¥5,000,000¥10,000,000
Accidental Permanent Disability ¥5,000,000¥5,000,000¥10,000,000
Sickness Death ¥5,000,000¥5,000,000¥10,000,000
Sickness Medical ¥2,000,000¥3,000,000¥5,000,000
Accidental Medical ¥2,000,000¥3,000,000¥5,000,000
Rescuer & Repatriation ¥2,000,000¥2,000,000¥2,000,000

Your Cost for 3 Month Policy ¥24,580¥25,240¥28,080
Your Cost for 6 Month Policy ¥60,840¥62,510¥68,970
Your Cost for 1 Year Policy ¥133,570¥137,310¥150,990


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