Japan Health Insurance
Practical, low-cost accidental and medical insurance while in Japan. Solid travel medical insurance for foreign students, teachers, executives, tourists and temporary residents. Medical, life, accidental and rescue insurance all in one policy.

Japanese Medical Insurance for the Foreign Community of Japan

Low Rates AND Excellent Coverage
MedOne: Japan Medical Insurance


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Terms of Service
Consequential loss or loss of coverage period: Legend Travelers is in no way responsible for any consequential loss or loss of coverage period due to incomplete or failed transactions as a result of failure of equipment; such as servers, internet connections, the inability of the applicant to make proper use of this system, etc. Any insurance coverage purchased by credit/debit card is subject to validation and acceptance of charges by the card-issuing company.

Commencement of Insurance: Legend Travelers is in no way responsible for any consequential loss or loss of coverage period due to delays in processing of Applications and Payments. While we will strive to accommodate a client's request for insurance to start on a certain date, there are too many factors involved for us to guarantee the insurance effective date. We cannot guarantee that you would, for example, receive a convenience store payment slip in time for you to make a payment by a certain date. Or that after payment at a cash register or bank that we could receive the payment and process your Application/Certificate within a certain time frame. In any event, the finalized effective date will be the date which appears on the completed insurance certificate.

Reapplying for Insurance: Your insurance will not renew automatically on the termination date of your insurance policy. While we may elect to send an email notification advising that your insurance will soon be expiring, we can in no way guarantee that you will receive such emails or that our system would be 100% free of technical errors. It is advised that you mark your certificate dates on a schedule book or calendar and to not soley rely on our emails.

Give yourself plenty of time: Applications must be approved, including Applications submitted when reapplying for this insurance. While almost all Applications are approved, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that your Application would be approved. In order to avoid being without insurance coverage, please apply, or reapply as the case may be, within plenty of time. We will make every effort to accommodate your requested certificate dates but please understand that we are dependent upon third parties such as the mail service and payment processors, not to mention our own work load at the time of Application or Payment. To be safe, please order early!

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