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Practical, low-cost accidental and medical insurance while in Japan. Solid travel medical insurance for foreign students, teachers, executives, tourists and temporary residents. Medical, life, accidental and rescue insurance all in one policy.

Japanese Medical Insurance for the Foreign Community of Japan

Low Rates AND Excellent Coverage
MedOne: Japan Medical Insurance


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Expat in Tokyo.

Insurance you can count on!

MedOne has fewer exclusions and we make them very clear.

You've seen that MedOne coverage is wide and deep. Now let's talk frankly about what is not covered. When you compare our coverage, compare our exclusions as well—you will see that MedOne is not only better at offering coverage; we're also more humane.

What's less, since we have no deductible and no minimum claim amount, you come out ahead when you need to file a claim.
You won't have to get a magnifying glass out to read our exclusions: there's no fine print. The policy elaborates on some items, but this list is complete in substance. Here are the exclusions, loud, clear, simple and complete:
  • Pre-existing diseases, ailments and impediments.
  • Consultation and/or testing without medical treatment.
  • Charges that exceed Usual, Reasonable and Customary amounts in Japan.
  • Charges by a practitioner not licensed in Japan.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, premature birth, or miscarriage.
  • Dental treatment due to other than accident.
  • Willful act of insured or person entitled to indemnity.
  • Execution of a sentence on the insured.
  • Suicide, attempted threat, aggressive violence or criminal act initiated by the insured.
  • Brain disorder, brain disease, or insanity of the insured.
  • Accident occurring while the insured is driving an automobile or a motorbicycle without having qualifications to do so or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any kind of mind-altering substance to the extent that the insured may be incapable of controlling the vehicle.
  • War, military act of foreign nations, riots, disturbance of peace and good order, etc.
  • Exposure to nuclear radiation or other radioactivity.
  • Cervical syndrome (whiplash) or back pain, from any cause, without an objective symptom.
  • Participating in racing, test driving, and high-risk sports such as: mountain climbing, sledding, sky diving, hang-gliding, wall climbing 5m or more, or any other dangerous sports or similar activities.
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